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On the Fringe
Gina Pierce

Personal Research Rationale

The personal research will look at ways in which the design provides an environment that is personalised for the user by introducing a familiarity, through memory and association. Colour and image can provide a sense of history, engendering a sense of belonging within the surrounding environment, thereby helping the user to feel comfortable within a space.

The personalisation can be enhanced through the layering of memory and experience, reflected in the layering of materials and techniques. This will involve using both new and traditional technology, and will encompass research into recycled and sustainable fabrics, as appropriate to the theme of memory, association, familiarity and layering.

Research Methods

- Collection of image and colour information for relevant context.
- Trials on digital printer and laser cutter.
- Research into recycled and sustainable fabrics.
- Trials on recycled/sustainable fabrics using the DMC

Research Update December '06

The rationale of the research has focused on generating fabrics that are designed to be site specific to a building or location. Their purpose is to form a connection between the location and the viewer, so generating a response that helps to provide an identity for the particular building. The intention will be to design an outcome that is either specific to the University's Commercial Road campus building, or for a building in the surrounding locality.

The research process to date has entailed collecting information and images to provide reference material for this design process. The images are taken from, and inspired by, the Commercial Road building and the area local to the University, looking at both contemporary and historical sources.

The photographs shown here include images showing the University, streets in the Spitalfields area, and shops in Brick Lane. Also shown are ideas for designs in Photoshop, and photographs of samples of recycled fabric in which the image has been 'rastarized' using the laser cutter. This process burns into the surface of the fabric, leaving an imprint similar to an engraving. The result is a tangibly atmospheric version of the photographic original.

Gina Pierce
December 2006

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