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Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media and Design


BA Fine Art Student Featured in Computer Arts Magazine

A final year student on the BA Fine Art course at Sir John Cass, Department of Art Media and Design, who recently showed his work at The Brick Lane Gallery, has had his work featured in this month's edition of Computer Arts.

Graham Asker’s work explores aspects and notions of visual perception. He is interested in the mind’s ability to take a 2D image and build a three dimensional vision of the world surrounding us. His long-term investigation utilises orthographic projection, a technique used by architects and engineers to define a solid form on a flat plane. While investigating the workings of orthology, Asker continues to explore a merging between fine art practices - utilising photography, painting, computer graphics and sculpture, he creates multi-dimensional works to produce Matchbox size realities. The work requires an intense interaction, drawing the viewer in and challenging him to resolve the ambiguities that inevitably evolve from this process. Asker’s self representation is a recurring theme throughout his work and uses himself as the subject in his three dimensional vision.

In his exhibition, called 2½D, Graham Asker also invited several other students from his course, whose work resonates around similar themes, to display their work in the basement gallery.

Asker’s previous background includes working as a Chartered Engineer. He is qualified in Mechanical Engineering and spent many years designing consumer products and defence equipment. This was Graham’s first solo show in London and presented work including painting, 3D models and posters. The exhibition ran from 14 to the 18 November at The Brick Lane Gallery in London.

Michael Upton, Academic Leader at the department said " We are delighted to see a current student involved in such a significant show- it’s great for the artist, the other students and also for our reputation as a practice led department. This sort of exhibition also highlights the advantages of studying art in an area of London well known for its great galleries and creative community."

23 November 2007

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