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Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media and Design

PREVIEW: Made in E1

The Cass MA Show 2009

Made in E1 is really an umbrella title for a series of exhibitions, showcasing work by over 100 postgraduate students from the Cass (The Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media and Design)

The following is a preview of some of the work- for opening hours see here

Featuring MA by Project work across a variety of disciplines:

In ‘Always with Me, Stories from My childhood’ artist Annabelle Hartmann investigates childhood memory and storytelling from a personal perspective through a series of ‘visual stories’ based on these memories, which are displayed in the form of shrines she has created.

Silversmith Rebecca Gilbert, has produced a series of work that plays with subtle nuances of sexuality and sensuality. Objects are created to induce a sense of ambiguity and can be interpreted in an innocent manner or not. 

MA By Project (Music Technology) student Nick Pyall examines the influence of Johann George Stauffer (1778-1853) upon the development of the guitar in nineteenth-century. As part of this investigation He has reconstructed Stauffer pupil Scherzer’s 1861 ten-string Kontraguitarre.
And be sure to visit the gift shop-

MA By Project Fine Art student Lyndsey Dangerfield’s installation explores the phenomenon of the culture shop.’ tin•ker•ed shopping’ aims for its visitors to consume but at the same time reflect on the relationships between consumerism and the art world and the motivating forces behind such forms of consumption.
Read more about work by this year’s MA By Project students here:


Made in E1: The MA Design Suite
Nicole Cloudt has designed a completely flexible auditorium, able to change according to the needs of the users, both in atmosphere and acoustics. The demountable construction can be placed at performing arts festivals, used as a broadcast studio or as a temporary extension to existing venues.

Graphic Designer Felipe Caro has turned himself into an illustrated character at the centre of a book that takes the reader on a creative journey, demonstrating the fundamentals of illustration .

Becky Gooby from MA Textile Design has produced a set of digital fabrics based upon the technological communication used within particle physics to convey theory and plot the probability of particle experimentation, working w with experts ATLAS and CERN who run the large hydrogen collider in Geneva.

Proving that Graphic Design really does cross borders, Sophia Efthymiou has used her  final project to encourage greater communication between North and South Cyprus. Her stunning series of flying lanterns screen-printed with typographic designs in English, Greek and Turkish were simultaneously released by Greek and Turkish Cypriots in various places along the border last month, and the results will be documented at the MA Show.

More from the MA Design Suite here

Uncertain States
This exhibition from the MA Photography course brings together the work of six contemporary photographers from diverse backgrounds all exploring the physical and intellectual space between certainty and uncertainty.

Alex S Kliszynski’s main body of work uses human-dolls that aim to raise questions about the numerous images of the objectified and idealised body that we see in the mass media. Initially referencing ‘lad culture’, more recently he has begun to use established styles and traditions in art and photography.

David George’s ENCLOSURES, BADLANDS AND BORDERS. Series features photographs taken at night around the Tees and Thames Estuaries in early 2009. They explore the character, history, and future of the heavy industries in Britain and the areas they occupy. Suggestive of stills from seventies sci-fi movies that herald an inhuman and terrible future - at once repugnant but seductive - these photographs create a new form of “sublime” landscape. 

 Fiona Yarron-Field began to take her ‘Beyond The Wall’ series the week before the last war in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict broke out in 2008.  Her initial motivation arose from a sense of helplessness about an area of the world for which she feels very deeply. These are portraits of men standing against walls. The wall is a reference to the actual wall of separation between the Israelis and Palestinians but it also serves as a metaphor for the walls we build inside ourselves.

Visit the uncertain states website to see more about the show, which will also feature in this winter's photomonth.

This page features only the briefest selection of what’s in store at Made in E1, where work by over a hundred postgraduate students will be on display between the 11th and 14th September. A selection of design work will also remain on show at Unit 2 Gallery until the end of the month, to coincide with the London Festival of Design.






'Always With Me' Annabelle Hartmann

Spoon by Rebecca Gilbert

tin-ker-ed shopping by Lyndsey Dangerfield

Flexible Auditorium by Nicole Cloudt

Illustration by Felipe Caro

Textile Design By Becky Gooby

Lanterns by Sophia Efthymiou

Pygmalion's Prize III by Alex Kliszynski

Enclosures, Badlands, Borders by David George

Beyond the Wall by Fiona Yarron Field

London Metropolitan University