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RAE 2008

Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media and Design


On the Fringe
Tracy Hunt MA RCA

The project aims to explore the three dimensional capabilities of various materials through the marrying of 'traditional' and 'new technologies' such as melting, moulding, sculpting, embossing and laser cutting of material. Focus is on the design of knitted textiles and primarily on heat-treated composites. Inspirational source comes from structures within the natural and manmade environment and 'fringes' within/on the edge, of such forms. Words associated with the subject matter include concave, protrude, fold, curvature, linear, split, fray, cut, contrive.

In designing textiles for the interior and product markets the aim is to suggest various end applications for materials designed with the intention of collaborating with another designer, to realise end products in materials produced. Initial interest is in lighting, wall covering and jewellery for the interior whereby a product may deal with these functions separately or interactively.

Research will take a generic approach to other elements such as; Recycling issues surrounding materials produced for this project; The utilisation of smart components in a material to gain specific performance qualities; The potential of collaboration within design and industry and its role in new ideas into the market.

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