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Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media and Design

Concrete Bowl by Tabitha Frost at the International Hanwerkmesse jewellery show

Amanda Marillier takes to the stage

Rupa Dhillon creates an innovative electronic game for visually impaired people

Vina Andersson and Dean Pursey with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Turn Of The Key, a film by a group of students from BA Film and Broadcast Production course

Failing to Notice, an exhibition by Frances Bloomfield

Work in Progress Exhibition

Assa Ashuach showing work at The Aram Gallery

MA Photography Interim Show


News and Events Archive: February 2012

Cass Artists Make it to Munich

Cass students, alumni staff and artists in residence will be storming Schmuck at International Hanwerkmesse, one of the world’s largest jewellery shows, next month with a variety of exhibitions, talks and events.


February 25, 2012

Amanda sings for London Met

A BA Fine Art student from London Met is preparing for the final stages of a London-wide music contest.

Amanda Marillier, who performs as Mandy Shadow, took to the stage on Friday 10 February to represent London Met in the Uni Music League – a competition for students from universities across the capital.

The Cass student will be competing for the chance to record an EP with Charlie Huggal, legendary producer behind hits for acts such as the Kaiser Chiefs and Florence and the Machine.


February 13, 2012

Cass Alumna brings Rock Band gaming to the blind

Rupa Dhillon, an alumna of BSc (Hons) Music Technology (Sound for Media) at The Cass has created an innovative electronic game which bridges the divide between sighted and blind players. Rock Vibe, which is similar to the video game Rock Band, but uses vibrations instead of a screen to tell players when to hit buttons on a Rock Band instrument, computer keyboard or MIDI controller. This allows anyone to play the game.

Rock Vibe makes it possible for blind and sighted gamers to play a musical rhythm game on their PCs or Macs. Players wear the Rock Vibe wearable belt containing 4 to 5 vibrating motors. They launch the Rock Vibe software, load a song and level, and then respond to vibrations by pressing keys on the computer keyboard, Rock Band controller, or MIDI controller to make the song play properly. At the end of the song, players receive their scores.

Audio games on the market for visually impaired people tend to be "old school" according to Caitlin Hernandez, a visually impaired UCSC student who serves as a peer mentor at the UCSC Disability Resource Center. She was one of the early testers of the game and is featured in a promotional video about the game.

"It was really cool to play Rock Vibe because all of my friends play Rock Band and I always just sat by and listened," Hernandez said on the video. "So, it was cool to jam along with the song that everyone's always playing ... People would love to play this."

Rupa Dhillon is developing the project commercially following successful trials and tests. She has already raised 12,500 dollars on fundraising site Kickstarter, and has to make the 16,000 dollar target by the 25th February to get the funding in place. You can donate here

February 12, 2012

Royal Boost for Illustrator

A student on BA (Hons) Illustration course at The Cass, London Metropolitan University thanked the Duchess of Cornwall for a financial donation which helped revive her career. Vina Andersson was left homeless when her flat burnt down in the Tottenham riots in August and was about to give up on study. She was inspired to get her life back on track when Camilla told her to "go for it" and promised to help. She later received £400 worth of vouchers to help her pay for college art materials.

Talking about the help Vina said, “She gave me a morale boost. She’s lovely and down to Earth. Not even my friends know what she has done for me. It's a shame I can't put the letter on Facebook. I feel like in order for me not to feel bad, I have to think something amazing is going to happen out of this.”

Vina interviewed at the time of the riots by Jason N Parkinson from The Guardian

February 11, 2012

Cass Film-Makers make Superbowl final

A group of students from BA (Hons) Film and Broadcast Production at The Cass made it to the final of an international competition to come up with an advert for Chevrolet cars to be screened during the US Superbowl. Renata Pavelka, Joe Sharp, Matt Treacy and Will Moore came up with a rather risque suggestion for the “Route 66” competition organised by Mofilm, set at a “key swapping party” where a hillbilly character reassesses his values.

The judges at Mofilm, were very impressed by the film, called Turn Of The Key but felt it might be a little too controversial for the brand. The students were rewarded with an awards ceremony and Superbowl party where the film was screened to an enthusiastic audience.

You can watch the film on Vimeo

February 10, 2012

Failing to Notice

Frances Bloomfield, Senior Lecture in Graphic Design at The Cass is exhibiting new work at the Trinity Gallery in Tunbridge Wells from Thursday January 26th to Saturday February 11th. There is a Private View on Friday the 27th January.

Please download PDF Frances Bloomfield Trinity show.pdf

Frances Bloomfield’s work explores the narratives of dreams and the ‘improbable’ scenarios that we unconsciously construct. The models/sets juxtapose a variety of elements, most of which are recycled, rediscovered or refashioned. Like a dream they raise questions about what we fail to notice around us. On show will be a collection of art boxes and photographic prints.

For further details, please go to Trinity Theatre website


Work in Progress

Opening day: Tea and cake served 3-5pm 2nd February 
Exhibition: 2nd - 10th February

The Aldgate Project see twenty different projects having been organised for the academic year 2011-2012 with students from both ASD and the Cass participating in a series of projects that are based in and respond to the area of Aldgate and Whitechapel.



Art Symposium at the Whitechapel Gallery

On Perfection
Whitechapel Gallery, 2-3 February 2012

Organised by Jo Longhurst in collaboration with Whitechapel Gallery, The Photographers' Gallery, and the European Centre for Photographic Research (eCPR), University of Wales, Newport. Jo Longhurst also lectures in Fine Art at the Cass.

International artists and writers discuss how concepts of perfection shape our personal identities and social and political systems. Featuring new research, screenings, artist conversations and performance, the programme includes Julian Rosefeldt on his video installation The Perfectionist and Ray Müller, director of The Wonderful Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl, on his experience of working with Hitler’s infamous propagandist - the ultimate perfectionist.

For more information and tickets click here

Supported by Leverhulme Trust & Arts Council England. The book Perfection is published by Intellect, supported by Hiscox.


Cass staff and alumni feature in West End ‘3D printing’ exhibition

Work by celebrated designer Assa Ashuach, a Senior Lecturer on the MA Product Design course at The Cass features in a new exhibition at Covent Garden’s Aram Gallery alongside exhibits by two of the Faculty’s successful Alumni.

The show, called Send to Print / Print to Send, offers an impression of uses of 3D Printing in the design industry today. This timely exhibition shows work by designers and organisations who are developing the capabilities of this technology. In addition it will include examples of the increasingly important role 3D Printing plays in the design process, particularly during the complex prototyping stages.

Featuring pieces from the studios of both established and emerging designers, The Aram Gallery uses this exhibition as a way to examine how designers’ processes are developing to accommodate new technological advances. Visitors are offered an idea of what 3D Printing is, and how it is being contemporaneously used. Send to Print / Print to Send is not intended as an exhaustive overview, but a cross-disciplinary pick and mix of examples, including works from the fields of architecture, industrial design, fashion, and product design.

3D Printing, the summary term for Rapid Prototyping or Additive Manufacturing is a means of creating Three Dimensional objects using a specifically designed printer. In place of ‘ink’ a continuous strand of, most commonly, polyamide or nylon is layered up to create a 3D form based on a computer drawn image. Early uses of 3D Printing were for creating prototypes as the process, although costly, is much quicker than producing a handmade model. More recently, Rapid Prototyping technology is being used to produce ‘finished’, end designs. Assa Ashuach has been at the forefront of these developments and students at The Cass are also offered unique access to this innovative technology at Metropolitan Works, the creative industries centre based at London Metropolitan University.

Send to Print / Print to Send
13th January – 25th February 2012

Assa Ashuach, Riccardo Bovo, Michael Eden, FAT, Freedom of Creation, Jump Studios, Markus Kayser, Dirk vander Kooij, Chau Har Lee, PearsonLloyd, Chloe McCormick & Nicholas O’Donnell-Hoare, Serie, Superfusionlab, Silvia Weidenbach and Unfold.

The Aram Gallery
110 Drury Lane (near Aldwych)
Covent Garden
London WC2B 5SG

Mon - Sat 10 - 6 (Thurs until 7)


MA Photography: First Semestre 2012 Exhibition - work in progress

Private View / Monday 27th February 5.30 – 8pm

Sir John Cass School of Art, Media and Design, LMU The Foyer and 2nd Floor.
59-63 Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7PF

Participating students include:
Natalie Armes, Heloise Bergman, Elizabeth Bicher, Goncalo Bispo, Parastoo Ebneali, Begona Garcia, Jane Garfield, Alex Grady, Ozan Guner, Martine Lundberg, Bruna Martini, Lauren Mashford, Alastair McCrea, Saman Partovi, Jonas Rasmussen, Paul Robinson, Elena Sarghiuta, Geoff Titley, Fotios Variatzas, Elaine Verrier.

Download  interim_photo_show_flyer.pdf


London Metropolitan University