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Lewis Jones
19-tone and 24-tone equal temperament trumpet


Royal Festival Hall

April 27, 2002

The 19-tone and 24-tone equal temperament trumpet was designed by Jones (project leader and Director of the Centre for New Musical Instruments) and Cowie (an external associate of the CNMI), with the collaboration of other project partners including Robert Watson (University of Glamorgan), who advised on the solenoid activation of the trumpet valves and designed a circuit, and was fabricated by Cowie.

The instrument is exceptional in having four valves, each with interchangeable valve slides, so as to be able to play not only in 12-tone but also in 24-tone and, uniquely, in 19-tone equal temperament. It is the first trumpet to have valves activated by electromagnetic solenoids. It thus offers a new pitch vocabulary, optimally available to the player, without compromise in tuning or tone quality.

Stephen Altoft (an external associate of the CNMI) worked over several months with the composer Donald Bousted to explore the qualities and possibilities of the instrument, and the first public performance at the Royal Festival Hall featured pieces composed by Bousted.

A Call for Scores, through the Society for the Promotion of New Music, produced a varied repertoire of new pieces by other composers, a selection of which was presented by Bruce Knockles (trumpet) at a Microtonal Trumpet Workshop and Concert as part of the CNMI Performance Day on June 28, 2002, at London Guildhall University.

Call for Scores

Pieces by Claudia Molitor and Anthony Turner, selected following the Call for Scores and specially composed for the CNMI microtonal trumpet, were played by Bruce Nockles:
Anthony Turner: Orion Rising for 19-tone Trumpet
Claudia Molitor: Framed for quarter-tone Trumpet
Donald Bousted: Ten Quarter-Tone Studies for Trumpet
Donald Bousted and Gary O'Connor: Slide for solo trumpet, CD and video.

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