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RAE 2008

Rearch Assessment Exercise 2008

David Wilkinson

Research Outcomes

Outcome 1 - The Illusion of Depth
The Illusion of Depth comprised a stereoscopic projection using a pair of polarising lenses on two slide projectors and viewed through polarised spectacles. The projection showed a stereoscopic pair of aerial photographs showing a large earthwork excavation site from directly above. The hyperstereo nature of this particular photograph induces an acute sensation of the vertiginous for the viewer, often prompting (or facilitating) a deeper exploration of the image similar to the experience of watching film rather than viewing a conventional two-dimensional photograph.
Including this work in the Moving/Still show seemed an appropriate opportunity to further my own research into the history and development of the stereograph and in particular the use by artists of this technology.


Outcome 2 - Untitled - work for Trunk Show
Trunk Show required that participating artists produce a portable artwork for inclusion in a travelling show. The Curators invited artists to explore themes of portability, mapping, miniaturisation, travel and displacement.
The work made for exhibition continued my own exploration of the stereo photograph, using a pair of stereoscopic aerial photographs of the area around Westminster, produced for the purpose of mapmaking, probably during the 1960s. The work was presented as a box set that included the optical device needed to view the image, this arrangement making an easily transportable item for inclusion in the trunk format.


Outcome 3 - Heliotrope
The work produced for the Scarecrow exhibition, titled Heliotrope, took the form of an installation of Tesla lamps, within a geodesic dome structure, sited in a vineyard below the village of Metsovo, Greece, using Solar Power to light the lamps within the dome.
Production of the work required the sourcing of materials from Europe and the USA, arranging shipments from USA to London and London to Greece, installation of the work in advance of the exhibition for the production of catalogue photographs, within a specified budgetary allowance.
The exhibition extended from July to September during which time the work was available to the public everyday and so needed to function without any maintenance during the three month period of the show, after which the work was dismantled and shipped back to London.


Outcome 4 - Westminster Quartet
Everydebris brought together a group of artists whose practice often includes the use of found materials to generate new works.
Westminster Quartet used a chiming clock, acquired some time previously, adapted to make a continuously playing audio work.
The piece was solar powered - the gallery lighting system provided the light source and hence the power for the clock mechanism. In this way the work would only function during the opening times of the gallery
The title refers to the note sequence of the clock chime, known as the Westminster quarters that consist of five different permutations of four pitches - C E D G - believed to originate in Handel’s Messiah. Siting this work in the newly constructed gallery within the nave of St Paul's Church in Bow afforded the piece a particular poignancy since the original belltower was destroyed during the last war.


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