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Brian Falconbridge
Scultura Internazionale Ad Aglie


Castello di Aglie
Turin, Italy

May 30 - October 17, 2004

work: one piece

Scultura Internazionale Ad Aglie catalogue pages

This exhibition was a group show of single sculptures by 31 international sculptors initiated by, and at the invitation of, the Associazione Piemontese Arte, Torino and curated by Luciano Caramel.

The Falconbridge work Still Life with Lemon and Eight Objects of Geometrical Desire, 2004, is constructed of English hard wood (beech), incorporates bronze and measures 130 x 150 x 100 cms. The work develops established themes of European metaphysical still-life painting into sculpture. In this respect, it forms part of Falconbridge's ongoing research commitment to imagery transposed into an essentially frontally viewed three-dimensional form.

This sculpture thus extends beyond the confines of Falconbridge’s established small bronze work and addresses the challenges of a larger scale presentation and the sculptural opportunities implicit in the use of a change of material, to be seen in conjunction with the quality of interior space and residual historic d├ęcor within the Castello di Aglie.

The incorporation of a cast bronze lemon in the sculpture links early work by Falconbridge with 17th Century painting by Zurbaran and the immediately adjacent "boschetto di limone" (lemon grove) within the Castello. The use of colour represents an enquiry and a development beyond Falconbridge's current practice in bronze (normally lightly patinated in green or brown) and serves also to "trial" further extensions of colour into sculpture, including in bronze.

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