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Alan Craxford
Alan Craxford - Jeweller


The Roger Billcliffe Gallery

October - November, 2001

work: 20 pieces

Alan Craxford - Jeweller catalogue pages

This project included the first solo showing of individual art-based artefacts, previously seen within group shows, and the development of new jewellery pieces. Following invitiation, the project provided a structured forum with which to position and articulate research themes prevalent within recent and ongoing jewellery design and production. Through this, the formalisation of spiritual and cross-cultural imagery, iconography and aesthetics informed the development of new work. The artefacts showed the extension of an individual craft and design language.

The work shown was a broad range of output of which several aspects have now become signature pieces of work: mandala brooches, heavily engraved rings set with unusual coloured gem stones, drop earrings in gold set with coloured stones and engraved to create light-reflecting patterns and forms when in movement.

The archival collection of photographic records of previous and ongoing jewellery production and reflective individual criticism provided further articulation of the research process, which was later presented through conference participation, such as a paper presented at Eye of the Beholder, the Association for Contemporary Jewellery Conference, 2003.

Slideshow: Alan Craxford - Alan Craxford - Jeweller

This research fed forthcoming exhibition participation such as European Triennial of Contemporary Jewellery, 2002, Lesley Craze, 2004, and brought research to the attention of several significant new collectors who have subsequently acquired pieces for their collections.

This project was supported by funding from London Metropolitan University.

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