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Alan Craxford
Art as a Jewel


The Metal Gallery

October 22 - November 21, 2003

work: 15 pieces

Art as a Jewel invitation

This project included the development of two precious Mandala brooches following funding support by The Metal Gallery, which used new construction technologies. These pieces were shown as part of Art as a Jewel: The Metal Gallery's inaugural exhibition.

Following earlier research into spiritual iconography, this project saw the explicit development of negative / positive imagery and coloration through the use of 18ct white gold with yellow diamonds and yellow gold with white diamonds.

The artefacts also saw the development of an individual design language within hand engraving processes, more usually applied to traditional decoration and inscription, to enable animation of form and surface. Being given the opportunity to work solely with precious materials enabled the designs to extend scale, wearability and technical ambition of the artefacts.

Following the recent introduction of laser welding technology to goldsmithing practice, the two brooches were constructed solely with this technique. Whilst subsequent research saw the assimilation of traditional and new technologies, this body of work sought to develop a language born from technological developments only.

The exhibition collection included fifteen pieces, including the two Mandala brooches. The impact of this research dissemination within a silversmithing context led to future projects involving an extension of scale and object production such as the works shown in a new solo show at the Roger Billcliffe Gallery.

This project was also included in Yvonne Kulagowski: The Earrings Book, A & C Black, 2007 (ISBN-10: 071366505X).

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