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Alan Craxford


V & A

February 20 - 24, 2004

work: 12 pieces

Collect catalogue pages

Extending earlier research, this project fulfilled a selected invitation to represent The Metal Gallery in the inaugural year of the Crafts Council's Collect exhibition, alongside metalsmiths such as Howard Fenn, Jung Ji Kim and Sidsel Dorf-Jensen. A group of Mandala brooches in 18ct gold set with diamonds formed the collection.

This series further explored the symbolic use of circular, large scale brooches from earlier research (such as those shown in Alan Craxford - Jeweller, 2001) through the use of metals, from mixed metals to 18ct gold, and the inclusion of diamonds, and extended research into aesthetic translations of spiritual cross-cultural concepts.

A continuing research theme, seeking to optimise the aesthetic and technical marriage between traditional craft skills and new technology within jewellery, was further extended through the inclusion of laser welding in complex formation techniques. This enabled challenges within the hand engraving vocabulary to be used to focus upon a variety of approaches in order to exploit differing light reflective qualities.

Knowledge gained through this research has subsequently informed both commission and commercial jewellery design to enhance visual and spatial illusion and reflective surface application within new collections. Recent examples include Rubedo Pendant, 2006 and Alchemy Pendant, 2007.

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