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RAE 2008

Rearch Assessment Exercise 2008

Nigel Oxley

Research Outcomes

Outcome 1 - New London Artists Printmaking Show
I am currently working on an ongoing series of works on paper using relief and intaglio processes. For these exhibitions I worked on a series consisting of four images, pushing presswork to the limits of the medium, which is central to my ongoing research of context, process and language.
Having complete control, I am able to push my ideas concerning colour, materials, multiplates and the use of photography in etching. The works mixed techniques of carborundum and gicle printing, juxtaposing Edwardian images with ancient brushwork techniques, though represented through contemporary technology.


Outcome 2 - Colour Etching
In this book Nigel Oxley describes the techniques of etching and aquatint employed by the artists who worked with him at Kelpra Studio, where he established a reputation for using intaglio processes to create full colour images. The author introduced the use of carborundum and polymer plates to the studio and this book includes step by step descriptions of these techniques including the use of multi-plates.
Having editioned for many years the author relates his experience of complex colour and plate combinations, clearly enabling the reader of the book to have a comprehensive insight into the work of the many artists illustrating within the book.


Outcome 3 - Collective Thinking
This article is an account of the collaboration between Susan Aldworth and Nigel Oxley to produce a series of images based on the brain, using etching. This has been a collaboration over the last two years where Susan and I have been developing different techniques and applying them to her area of research and combined image making. In parallel, a research report entitled Mapping Arts, Health and Higher Collaborative Projects in London, on the work of Susan Aldworth and Nigel Oxley, has been produced by Jill Sheridan and Professor Linda Pring.


Outcome 4 - Contemporary British Art 2003
This research takes the form of three works in the exhibition Contemporary British Art 2003, at the Millinery Works Gallery.
The three polymer line etchings were from the Snowdonia Suite - a series comprised of 12 etchings. The overall exhibition included 37 artists, among them Sir Peter Blake, Gordon House, Humphrey Ocean and David Inshaw. Nigel Oxley’s work is featured in the catalogue.


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