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RAE 2008

Rearch Assessment Exercise 2008

Veronica Diesen

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Research Outcomes

Outcome 1 - Lovesick
lovesick was an exhibition addressing the theme of love in contemporary art. Love was here not only understood as the grand narrative of romantic love pertaining to a spiritual emotion that springs up between a man and a woman.
It was as such not the great display of love that played the principal part of this exhibition but rather a more minor and complex understanding of love, which can imply everything from desire, eroticism, sex, attraction, intimacy, narcissism, bi-and homosexuality, longing and the sense of loss, This can furthermore be set in a likewise complex relation such as the mass media's treatment of the issue, the development of new technologies and what impact this has had on the role of intimacy, and so forth.


Outcome 2 - Artificial Life/Kunstig Liv
This was an exhibition that explored different ways of understanding life in a technocratic time. Methodologically and philosophically, this exhibition has many similarities with other exhibition I have curated, like for instance Lovesick. Some of the most important questions asked in Lovesick were related to how technology has changed our notion of love, emotions and intimacy.
In Artificial Life, the notion seem even broader, in that one of its main questions dealt with the notion of life in relation to science and technology. Part of the intention of Artificial Life was to invite artists to explore a different notion of Artificial Life.


Outcome 3 - Monday All Year
This exhibition dealt with art’s response to the various issues dealing with the trivial and repetitive issues of everyday life. The exhibition wanted to look at different ways contemporary art has emphasised the surreal, the absurd and even the ‘fantastic’ sides of everyday life.
The first monday-happening represented a collaboration with the curator group Rakett on the ‘Tshroom Project’. The project seeks to make sure the famous Eastern European tea-mushroom is not going out of fashion after the defeat of Communism.
In this happening the audience were invited to drink tea-mushroom, to relax in front of a video were they had interviewed Russian families about the tea-mushroom, and to finally participate in a lottery where you could win a mushroom.


Outcome 4 - Report in relation to the planning of a new Art Centre in Os
On the initiative of Per Grieg, Norway's greatest Philanthropist, Os Council, a small borough situated right outside Bergen in the South-West Coast of Norway, has decided to give free land close to the city centre's harbour to build a Contemporary Art Centre which will strongly emphasis innovative, experimental and interdisciplinary arts and cultural events on an international level.
I was asked to do a report investigating Arts organisations and institutions in London, and focussing on very practical issues. In this report I also researched the type of exhibitions that may be interesting to invite and what type of facilities and technical equipment would be needed as well as issues around commissioning and productions, transportation and the overall costs of projects.


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