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RAE 2008

Rearch Assessment Exercise 2008

Ben Cain

Over the last ten years, research outputs have primarily included installations and events which have been presented in museums and galleries throughout Europe. On many of these occasions, the arrangement of text, audio and 3D space are conceived in accordance with one another, with a considerable emphasis on the immediate social and physical vicinity. Here, associations with mediated events such as film, theatre, the novel are appropriate to playing with fiction / non-fiction in relation to representation, acting / non-acting; artificial / non-artificial environments, and the apparent problem of distinguishing between real and imaginary.

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Research Outcomes

Outcome 1 - Here and Now Real, Not Yet Concrete ...
An installation which dealt with ideas of illusion and cultural misrepresentation. Work also included inclusion in the Catalogue, as well as Graphic Design for the catalogue and the flyer.


Outcome 2 - This is What it's Like
This installation was a large-scale built environment involving furniture, text and projected light. In terms of subject area, the work looked at the convergence of imagined and real places. The exhibition included a Flyer Designed by myself, which was an intended element of the work.
The exhibition will feature in a forthcoming catalogue published by Netwerk.


Outcome 3 - Score for a Complex Scene
A collaborative group exhibition involving events, live performance, and video and light projection.
The work addressed the idea of Rumour, Story and Memory in relation to architecture. The exhibition was accompanied by a publication which was designed and compiled by myself.


Outcome 4 - Places of Transition
A video and sound installation dealing with dialogue about, and memory of, a specific place. The installation involves a purpose-built room, text, sound, and video projection.


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