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David Goodwin
Rising Stars


The Summer Exhibition: Rising Stars
Goldsmiths' Hall

June 1 - July 14, 2007

work: 11 pieces including the Grid series

Rising Stars on the Goldsmiths' Company website

"This year's summer exhibition featured jewellery and silverware by some of the brightest designer-makers in the creative galaxy. Entitled Rising Stars - A blazing trail of new talent, this inspirational and exciting exhibition was curated by Janice Blackburn, contemporary applied arts curator and journalist. Janice selected 18 designers, whom she considered to be 'up and coming' in terms of their skills, talent and public recognition. Between them they demonstrated a wide range of personalities, styles and working techniques. To enhance these qualities the exhibition rooms at Goldsmiths' Hall were appropriately transformed into a black abyss out of which these creations sparkled like bright stars in a clear night sky." (Goldsmiths’ Company website)

I selected 11 rings to be shown at Rising Stars to demonstrate the changing aspects of my work. Ranging from 2004 to 2007, the collection explored scale, form, material and process. The Mesh series which pushes the limitations of rapid prototyping and new casting technologies was displayed as a retrospective timeline and new work was produced to show progression which seeks to analyse pattern within my work.

The idea of showing work retrospectively along with new work was to examine, with exploration of these techniques and my design aesthetic, the many exciting possibilities still available. I researched and generated a new way of constructing the designs which allowed me to produce a collection of work titled the Grid series. These pieces change the way in which the objects are prototyped and produced. They also open up the possibilities of non-symmetrical objects, which previously had not been achievable.

Slideshow: David Goodwin - Rising Stars

This exhibition provided me with the platform to be selected for the Five Gold Rings exhibition at the Harley Gallery, Nottingham, to coincide with the Objects & Rituals conference, October 27 - December 23, 2007.

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