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David Goodwin


The Devon Guild of Craftsmen
Riverside Mill
Bovey Tracey, Devon
and touring

September 23 - November 5, 2006
tour dates 2006-08

work: Grow - four pieces

Interface catalogue pages

Curated by Saffron Wynne, Exhibitions officer for the Devon Guild of Craftsmen and Martin Woolner, Director of the Innovate Centre for Creative Industries, University of Plymouth. The aim of the exhibition is to question and discuss digital practise within crafts.

For this project I was asked to submit materials illustrating the process of production of my work: initial sketches, 3D models, prototypes, silicon moulds and finished pieces. I created a new range of experimental pieces based on the use of the way that rapid prototyping technologies build in layers and "grow" the object, creating jewellery that arguably could not be produced by any other means and that would not have the same effect if fabricated by hand.

Titled the Grow series, the work examined how rapid prototyping technologies, specifically 3D Systems' Viper SLA system, builds in layers and uses support structures to allow for the building of undercuts and overhangs. The experimentation process required me to create different design ideas to test the technology whilst creating valid outputs in relation to my criteria of jewellery objects. The work was produced using new and current technologies; CAD, rapid prototyping, silicon moulding and fabrication techniques.

Interface is still touring the UK and has shown at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Devon; The Hub, Centre for Craft, Design and Making, Sleaford, Lincs.; Solihull Arts Complex, West Midlands and The Platform Gallery, Lancashire. Further venues to be confirmed for 2008.

Slideshow: David Goodwin - Interface

Other selected artists taking part are: Brian Adams (ceramics), Gordon Burnett (metal), Olivier Geoffrey (furniture), Morgen Hall (ceramics), Richard Hooper (wood), Tavs Jorgensen (ceramics), Simon Maidment (bronze), Justin Marshall (ceramics), Drummond Masterton (metal), Gilbert Riedelbauch (metal), Ann-Marie Shilito (furniture & jewellery), Janet Stoyel (textiles) and Kenji Toki (Japanese lacquer work).

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