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RAE 2008

Rearch Assessment Exercise 2008

Patrick Brill

Patrick Brill makes art under the name Bob & Roberta Smith.

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Research Outcomes

Outcome 1 - Make Your Own Damn Art
Survey publication of the work of Bob and Roberta Smith with foreword by German curator Horst Griese, and interview with the artist by Matthew Collings. The text by Griese, a curator who has worked with the artist, examines Bob & Roberta Smith’s methodology by highlighting key works; the critic Matthew Collings discusses the artist’s themes involving humour and creativity.
The book was a success selling nearly the entirety of its 5000 print run at time of writing.


Outcome 2 - Shop Local
Site specific installation involving shop keepers and signwriters in Hoxton Street Market in East London. Bob & Roberta Smith’s work often highlights the process of collaboration with other partners. The distinction between the audience and the collaborators becomes blurred and questions issues of authorship and reception. The exhibition was accompanied by a publication with a text by writer Tony White.


Outcome 3 - Hearing Voices Seeing Things
A serpentine Gallery project. Exhibition and publication exploring the relationship between contemporary Art and Mental Health.
Hearing Voices, Seeing Things (HVST) was a two-year programme of projects and residencies with staff and service users of North East London Mental Health Trust, led by artists Bob & Roberta Smith and Jessica Voorsanger with Mel Brimfield and Sally O’Reilly, Karen Densham, Mandy Lee Jandrell, Andy Lawson and Victor Mount. The project launched with a comedy event, 'What’s so funny?', hosted in collaboration with MIND.


Outcome 4 - Art U Need - My Part in the Public Art Revolution
Book documenting two years when Bob and Roberta Smith were commissioned to curate five artists projects in the Thames Gateway Area of Essex.
Bob Smith, and his alter ego, Roberta, ponder the nature and place of public art in today's world. Art U Need provides an insight into the workings of the artist's mind. Through his direct approach, Bob and Roberta Smith manages to encapsulate the larger issues surrounding the roles of funding bodies, self-expression and, of course, the public, in public art today.


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