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Brian Falconbridge
The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition


Royal Academy Gallery VIII

June 5 - August 13, 2001

work: two pieces

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2001 List of Works selected pages

This research was exhibited in the 233rd Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Falconbridge's inclusion within this event has been regular since the late 1970's. This output should be seen as part of extended sequence of related works shown regularly at the Royal Academy in 2001 then in 2002 (cat. 816 and 817), 2003 (cat. 25), 2004 (cat. 25) and 2005 (cat. 933) (see RA List of Works catalogues for those years referred to), where works are chosen by Royal Academicians from an open, international submission.

These two sculptures are both unique, non-editioned casts, as are all works referred to above. Both are small scale. The work listed as catalogue number 634, White Clouds Dark Smoke VI, 11cm in height, was included in the RA Summer Exhibition illustrated catalogue.

Royal Academy Illustrated 2001 selected pages

Research questions consider the Western European tradition of metaphysical still life painting, i.e Zurbaran, and de Chirico but also as in Carravagio's Supper at Emmaus and Velasquez's Christ in the House of Martha and Mary and Constructivist sculpture including the Picasso Still Life with Fringe, 1914, extended into 3-D via the medium of patinated bronze.

The work(s) also consider the fusion of implications of the monumental and the architectural along with internal presentations of extremes of scale - within the small scale. These works seek to research the cross-cultural with particular regard to aspects of Japanese thought and visual culture, particularly including haiku poetry, netsuke (small sculptures carried or worn with traditional kimonos), and hakoniwa: "the world in miniature", along with an appreciation of the Japanese sense of understatement, implication and the contemplative.

As a research trajectory, this is intended to explore and to advance issues of the reserved within permanence.

Please also refer to hardcopy items for this output.

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