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Brian Falconbridge
London Underground and London Underground/Taipei


Sungkok Art Museum
Seoul, Korea

September 19 - November 18, 2001

work: eight sculptures and installation of 100 works on paper, exhibition advisor

This two-phase group exhibition was held first in Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea in 2001 before a larger version was held at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan in 2002. The overall curatorial research intention of joint curators Dr Iain Robertson and Ms Ji-Yoon Lee was to demonstrate the diversity of current international fine art practice emerging in London.

London Underground (Seoul) catalogue pages

London Underground (Taipei) catalogue pages

The Falconbridge works exhibited comprised eight bronze sculptures and one installation of 100 works on paper. Part of the research intention was to compare and contrast the presentation of the visual language as contained within the repertoire of forms in a three-dimensional composition with the same language as presented - and developed - within the format of brush and ink drawing on paper.

These works research and propose associations between the continuing western European metaphysical tradition, historically most often carried in paintings such as the work of Zurbaran, de Chirico and Morandi, and aspects of embedded Japanese thought and aesthetics associated with modesty of material and isolation, as encapsulated in the concept of "wabi-sabi", and economy of scale including "hakoniwa" - "the world in miniature".

The bronze sculptures explore smallness of scale including extremes of scale within the object, the architectural and the tradition of still-life painting. Other issues include consideration of sculptural permanence and the implication of human intervention to adjust the arrangement of forms. The drawings research the repertoire of form and shape within the sculpture while exploring painterly qualities and ambiguity.

The project contributes to viewing the work within an East Asian context.

Contributing sponsors include British Council Korea, Korean Air, British Airways and British Council Taiwan.

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Please also refer to hardcopy item for this output.

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