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RAE 2008

Rearch Assessment Exercise 2008

Yossi Balanescu-Bal

My research interests include:
Film-making practice exploring stylistic innovation in ethnographic and arts documentaries; developments in narrative film language; experimental cinema; the cross-cultural interface between moving image and live performance, bridging film, music, dance and theatre.

Research Outcomes

Outcome 1 - Eat Our Shorts!: Lodz Profile
Lodz Profile was a specially curated public film screening at NFT 1, London South Bank on 15 February 2007. This 90’ cinema programme explored the historical impact of the National Polish Film School at Lodz on Polish and World cinemas. The programme was based on research into the early work of cinema "giants" like Polanski, Kieslowski, and the animator Zbygniew Rybczynski and contrasted the student work of these veteran Polish filmmakers in a challenging dichotomy with contemporary work produced at the Lodz School in the last two years.


Outcome 2 - Chameli
Chameli, is a High Definition originated Short Film Drama shot in a village in Bangladesh. The film is based on a real story and is dedicated to the memory of children on the Indian Subcontinent who have been kidnapped, trafficked, sold into slave labour or prostitution or even mutilated or murdered to have their organs removed.


Outcome 3 - Paul Neagu - Horizontal Rain
Paul Neagu - Horizontal Rain is a documentary poem dedicated to the memory of the Romanian sculptor Paul Neagu (1938-2004). Neagu, who worked in London for many years, was the complex and uncompromising artist considered by many to be the spiritual heir of Constantin Brancusi.
The film explores the rich visual interaction between Neagu’s and Brancusi’s creative sculptural researches as well as the profound influence of Transylvanian folk traditions and imagery on the work of both artists.


Outcome 4 - The Personal and the Political - Uncle Izu
The Personal and the Political - Uncle Izu is a painful, intimate and sometimes funny exploration of the death of an utopia and of the suffering of a generation of WW2 communist resistance fighters, betrayed by the party and the Ceausescu dictatorship.
This documentary is shot in high definition and continues my own researches into film language through an investigation of the dialectic between film image and sound, voice and music.


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