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Veronica Diesen
Monday All Year


Hordaland Art Centre

April 26 - May 1, 2004

work: 15 pieces


This exhibition dealt with art’s response to the various trivial and repetitive issues of everyday life. The exhibition looked at the different ways contemporary art has emphasised the surreal, the absurd and even the "fantastic" sides of everyday life.

The first Monday happening took place on 26 April 2004 and represented a collaboration with the curator group Rakett on The Tshroom Project. This is a project developed over several years by a Latvian art group called PRIMITIVE and art bureau OPEN which seeks to ensure the famous Eastern European tea-mushroom is not going out of fashion after the defeat of Communism.

During Communist time, the tea-mushroom was found in one in three Soviet kitchens and was highly praised for its apparent health benefits. The mushroom was either passed from one generation to the next as a family heirloom or was acquired as a gift from friends. The popularity of the mushroom has nevertheless faded since the fall of communism, as global soft-drink brands like Coca-Cola have taken over the market.

photo: Henrik O. Jenssen

In this happening the audience were invited to drink tea-mushroom, to relax in front of a video of interviews with Russian families about the tea-mushroom, and to participate in a lottery to win a mushroom. Written instructions were given about its supposed health benefits and how best to keep the mushroom alive as well as give samples to family and friends.

The next Monday happening took place on May 31 at Hordaland Art Centre. This exhibition consisted of both a Live programme, a video-film programme, installations by Jorann Abusland and Arne Magnar Rygg and concerts with Snowjoggs, Termodress and Anders G, among others.

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