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Nicolas de Oliveira
Installation Art in the New Millennium: Empire of the Senses

Authored book

Thames & Hudson
London and New York
ISBN: 9780500284513
208 pages

co-authors: Nicola Oxley, Michael Petry

This book represents the research undertaken over the ten year period since the publication of Installation art (Thames & Hudson, 1994), the first major international survey of the discipline. The earlier book was co-authored by Nicolas de Oliveira and Nicola Oxley.

The new title continues the work undertaken in examining installation art as a major force in art, whilst charting its progress from marginal activity to the mainstream, from alternative site to the major museums and galleries. Simultaneously, de Oliveira and Oxley had co-founded the Museum of Installation, an organisation dedicated to the research, dissemination and commissioning of new installation. The co-directors curated over 200 individual projects between 1990 and 2003.

Installation art is often temporary, and the physical work is destroyed or stored after exhibition; its documentation is therefore crucial.

The text by the authors is accompanied by lush visual documentation of over 150 international projects. The additional picture research focused on images that were able to convey an experiential sense of installation, allowing the reader/viewer to build up a sense of the work between what was described and discussed in the text and what was shown in the images.

The book was commissioned and published by Thames & Hudson (London and New York) and was launched at a special event at the Whitechapel Gallery with a panel including de Oliveira, artist Jane Wilbraham and Gallerist Paul Hedge. A further event, at the Institute of Contemporary Art, was organised and chaired by the director Phillip Dodd in 2003. The seminar was entitled Installation Art and brought together a panel including de Oliveira and artists Louise Wilson, Bob and Roberta Smith and Richard Wilson.

The book has been published in two further editions, in French (2004, ISBN 9782878112320) and Turkish (2005, ISBN 975-8829-98-X).

Please also refer to hardcopy item for this output.

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