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Helen Carnac
Who is Carrying the Can? and Value and Material

Conference contribution

Carry the Can
Association for Contemporary Jewellery
The Brewery

July 5 - 8, 2006

conference convenor, inaugural presentation and themed contribution

Carry the Can programme

Carnac initiated and directed the Carry the Can conference and related events with Yeo & Callinicos. In addition, Carnac delivered the inaugural conference presentation Who is Carrying the Can and themed contribution Value & Material.

Slideshow: Helen Carnac - Carry the Can

Carry the Can focussed on issues of value/values and responsibility within an ecological, ethical and sustainability framework and the application and relationship to the global contemporary jewellery design and arts arena.


Who is Carrying the Can?

Value and Material

Carnac’s conference papers explored the following:

1. Why was there an under developed awareness in the metal arena?
2. How could an interest be developed and sustained?
3. How the area of metal has a discreet understanding of value: as signified through artefact and attachment.
4. How to support the making of new connections and links between points in this chain that may have previously been unconnected and/or uninformed.
5. The development of future integrated thinking in practice.

The conference included 14 speakers, four exhibitions, three masterclasses in London, Birmingham and Sheffield and a catwalk show and opening reception at Goldsmiths’ Hall with an audience of international designer makers, collectors, gallery owners, educators and students.

The theme for this conference continued earlier research themes, originated at the HEIM Conference (Honour, Ethics, Integrity and Morality) in 2003. This conference sought to develop debate within the metal industry in regard to issues of ethics and sustainability. This could be assessed as modest in direct comparison to the fields of, for example, furniture and textile design.

Carry the Can received Grants for the Arts funding of £27,500.

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