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Helen Carnac
Dialogue 5


a Routemaster Bus
Clerkenwell Green to Notting Hill

July 7, 2006

work: four pieces


Dialogue 5 was an exhibition that took place on a Routemaster bus. This event was part of the Carry the Can project and took place during the conference of the same name.

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The Dialogue collective seek to understand a key question: Does collaboration and group debate achieve an outcome greater than the individual or does the individual rule?

Developed by Helen Carnac and Mikala Djorup in 1999 it membership has always remained fluid. Current members include Tim Carson (London Metropolitan University), Laura Cave (London Metropolitan University) and Sian Evans (Central Saint Martins).

Taking several forms, its focus has been the development of a range of exchanges: verbal, written and visual, with the culmination the making of an exhibition or gathering. The interest has come from the range of visual language used between group members and the diversity of the outcomes achieved.

The group have aimed to meet every month since its inception and have shown in many venues, including on a London Routemaster Bus. Their current project is an exchange of ideas between 82 makers.

Slideshow: Helen Carnac - Dialogue 5

Dialogue events:

2000 - 8 artists, 3 venues, Unit 2, London, Alchimia, Florence, Inhorgenta, Munich.

2001 - 10 artists, 3 Venues, Unit 2, London, Alchimia, Florence, Inhorgenta, Munich. Exchanging half made pieces.

2002 - 10 artists, 3 venues, Unit 2, London, Alchimia, Florence, Inhorgenta, Munich.

2003 - 10 artists, 3 venues, Unit 2, London, Alchimia, Florence, Inhorgenta, Munich.

July 7, 2006 - Routemaster. An exhibition travelling on a bus between Clerkenwell Green and Notting Hill, London.

February 10, 2007 - A walk and talk about collecting. A Collection event for the Crafts Council, V & A, London.

2007 - The current exchange involves 82 International artists making work in response to a Boy scout proposal.

related outcome:
Helen Carnac: Who is Carrying the Can? and Value and Material

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