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Ben Cain
This is What it's Like



May 7 - June 10, 2006

work: installation - This is What it's Like


This installation was a large-scale built environment involving furniture, text and projected light. In terms of subject area, the work looked at the convergence of imagined and real places.

The exhibition included a flyer designed by myself, as an intended element of the work. The exhibition will feature in a forthcoming catalogue published by Netwerk.

Fordham is an art initiative from London, operated by Man Somerlinck. Somerlinck is concerned with a certain rather specific presentation of a question about the position of contemporary art in society. The projects that Somerlinck realizes with Fordham in London, are characterized by an intuitive insight into a dynamic fragment of the London art scene, a fragment that is fascinating, yet not connected to an institutionally confirmed circuit.

Slideshow: Ben Cain - This is What it's Like

The fact that the activities of Fordham are taking place in London does not mean that Somerlinck only works with British artists. Because of this specific horizon: a cosmopolitan situation within a local circuit searching to be embedded in society, Netwerk invited Man Somerlinck to curate an exhibition. Supported by Netwerk, he applied his expertise to constitute a dialogue between Belgian artists and people from that particular artistic scene in London. This resulted in an exhibition in which the debate on the role of art in society is central.

This exhibition shifts between two opposites, on the one hand the necessity, on the other the impossibility, of making an artistic statement in contemporary, social order. Some artists chose to approach this paradox from the sidelines, with work based on reflection and reconstruction, others searched for direct confrontation and situated their activities in the immediate social environment.

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