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Yossi Balanescu-Bal
Eat Our Shorts! Lodz Profile

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National Film Theatre I

February 15, 2007

curated public film screening

Eat Our Shorts! Lodz Profile programme


This 90 minute cinema programme explored the historical impact of the National Polish Film School at Lodz on Polish and World cinemas. The programme was based on research into the early work of cinema "giants" like Polanski, Kieslowski, and the animator Zbygniew Rybczynski and contrasted the student work of these veteran Polish filmmakers in a challenging dichotomy with contemporary work produced at the Lodz School in the last two years.

The programme included films rarely seen outside Poland and included the UK premiere of short films by Krzysztof Kieslowski, Zbygniew Rybczynski, Boguslaw Bielanski, Anna Karasinska, Magnus von Horn, Jan Wagner, Magnus Arnesen and Mitko Panov.

The Lodz school has nurtured the development of a unique, image-based, story telling style over a long and momentous artistic and pedagogic history mirroring the social changes and upheavals in Poland since WWII to the present. The school charts virtually 60 years of creative development in the art, craft, business and technology of filmmaking. The development of this pioneering visual narrative language as evidenced in the work of Polanski, Vajda, Zanussi and the many outstanding cinematographers educated at Lodz has significantly informed my own researches into film language.

The Lodz Profile programme I curated for the NFT demonstrates an essential continuity of artistic enquiry from the politically difficult 1940's, 50's and 60's at Lodz to the present day film work of an eclectic international group of young directors who are benefiting from the stylistic developments and film language innovations at the School.

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