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Tomoko Azumi
ISOS and Aalto's Voice


The Furniture Show
NEC, Birmingham

January 22 - 25, 2006

exhibition design

ISOS Collection press release

The exhibition design for the ISOS Collection continued earlier research themes in relation to light, space and product installation and developed these further in response to an ongoing, funded research project for the Aalto Foundation & Iittala (Aalto’s Voice Exhibition, Iittala showroom, Helsinki, February 2006, Axis Gallery, Tokyo, October 2006, invited designer within 70th Anniversary of Aalto’s Savoy base).

The ISOS exhibition design enabled the development of internal screening and furniture curation within which to launch products at Birmingham Furniture Fair. Light weight room dividing screens for the tradefair stand are installed, to demonstrate ISOS’s unique approach and the capability of Metropolitan Works. The exhibition design also built upon recent consultancy (such as Crafts Council).

Slideshow: Tomoko Azumi - ISOS Collection

Paper screens (lit-up backdrops for newly launched products, information panels) are designed as a system, for ease of set up during travelling exhibitions. Manufactured using laser cutting, these seek to reference traditional Japanese aesthetics and Aalto’s approach to space and composition.

Aalto's Voice 2006 - Shaping the Future

The ISOS "Trademark" screens utilise laser cut patterns in three dimensions using hand-finishing processes, creating delicate shade and light and invoking the creative possibility of industrial processes.

Slideshow: Tomoko Azumi - Aalto's Voice

This research fed into future ISOS exhibition design in 2007, within which the theme, Outdoors, was developed into shadow illusions of cloud and tree.

The ISOS collection is part of Metropolitan Works activities, which links local manufacturers to designers in East London. This furniture and home accessory brand aims to encourage synergies between designer and industry.

The ISOS exhibition stand won Best Exhibition award at The Furniture Show, NEC Birmingham, 2006.


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