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Tomoko Azumi
Digital Explorers: Gravity & Glow


Metropolitan Works
London Metropolitan University

September 15 - October 6, 2006

work: Five Senses and Digital Technology - six pieces

This two-person exhibition with Assa Ashuach presented research methods and artefact production undertaken within the LMU research fellowship project, titled Five Senses and Digital Technology utilising the Digital Manufacturing Centre. This project sought to extend existing research experience in optimising craft and technology to improve design for manufacture in relation to furniture & product design. Research themes centred upon light, shadow and organic form.

Focussing upon ephemeral human senses, both visual and tactile, the project seeks to develop aesthetic possibilities within new technologies, more usually utilised for industrial processes, through the introduction of natural fluctuation and chance to the processes. Using editorial and instructional intervention, the project sought to bridge technology and creative design, providing methods and systems for designers and manufacturers to aesthetically challenge future digital production.

Utilising inputting 3D Laser Scanner software, natural objects were scanned and data transferred into CAD. Through aesthetic modification and multiplication, outcomes explored specific aesthetic devices: Gather, Distort and Enlarge.

Slideshow: Tomoko Azumi - Gravity & Glow

invitation card:

The project was presented as part of a seminar: Digital Technology in Design at Exploring Innovation - the Hidden Art 2006 Forum, Bloomberg, London.

The continuation of research led to the development of the Twiggy Lamp, 2007, recently launched by the Japanese manufacturer Maxray and exhibited in the Digitalability exhibition, DESIGNMAI, Berlin, 2007.

Digitalability - part of DESIGNMAI 2007


Creative Review

Cabinet Maker

related outcomes:
Assa Ashuach - Osteon Chair and AI Stool

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