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RAE 2008

Rearch Assessment Exercise 2008

Tomoko Azumi

My research interests include:
Furniture, space and product design: The usage of advanced technologies in creative process of 3D, product and exhibition design; how the applications are used in concept developments and to bridge design concepts to emotional quality in result.

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Research Outcomes

Outcome 1 - Digital Explorers: Gravity & Glow
This exhibition is part of a work in progress for my research project, titled "Five Senses and Digital Technology". Through the challenge of making ephemeral human senses both visual and tactile, I am seeking to develop the possibilities within the latest technologies, which are normally developed and used for industrial processes. I would like to introduce natural fluctuation and chance to these processes and attempt to see how our senses and memories are stabilized three dimensionally, with minimum interruption by my notion of ‘design’. It is a challenge, in the way that I limit myself to using more conventional hand-making skills, but by using editorial and instructional intervention, I am seeking to bridge technology and creative design.


Outcome 2 - Ten x 10
My work in this exhibition, Tinned Localities, is a kit with which you can make a small device like a camera obscura, to enjoy your local landscape in a selected way and focus at random. Following instructions and using materials from the box, together with an empty drink can which can be found anywhere, you are able to make this device yourself and enjoy roaming with it. My aim is to raise the users awareness on sustainability issues through the process of finding material on the street and turning it into a poetic device, which offers you a different way of looking at your local surroundings. The result is unexpectedly soothing.


Outcome 3 - nextmaruni Dining Chair and Nesting Tables
These pieces are designed for nextmaruni project, a furniture manufacturer from Hiroshima, Japan. This company is relatively large and has modern facilities to carry out mass production of Western style furniture, but their direction is ambiguous due to the rise of low cost manufacturing in China, and shifts in market taste. This project is a trial to introduce a design led direction, to explore the potential of transforming an existing company into a cutting edge design brand.


Outcome 4 - ISOS and Aalto's Voice
This project continued earlier research themes in relation to light, space and product installation and developed these further in response to an ongoing, funded research project for the Aalto Foundation & Iittala.
The exhibition design for ISOS Collection, for their second and third year product launches at Birmingham Furniture Fair. Light-weight room dividing screens for the trade fair stand are installed, demonstrating ISOS’s unique approach and the capabilities of Metropolitan Works. These screens consist of lit up back-drops of newly launched products, as well as information panels for each item. They are designed as a system, to be easy to set up in ISOS's travelling exhibitions.


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