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Charlie Woolley
Citadel I: Front Room/Killing Room


David Risley Gallery

May 18 - August 12, 2007

work: 16 prints and participation in group installation

Citadel I Press Release

Citadel I on the David Risley website

For this exhibition, the David Risley gallery was split into two halves, one a generic gallery setting, the other a living room made entirely from art. In the Front Room I exhibited one piece: Shoebox Guitar - Robert Pete William - Magic Encyclopaedia and in the Killing Room I exhibited a set of sixteen prints from an ongoing series entitled The Flicker Effect, which investigate the links between language and cinema.

The Flicker Effect consists of a series of seemingly black & white prints of digital photographs taken from a television screen at the exact moment when the opening credits of a black & white film overlap with one another. The images are then blown up to the point where the R(ed)G(reen)B(lue) colours embedded within the image begin to expose themselves.

The Flicker Effect was also featured in an article by Charlie Danby, Taking the Credit in Miser & Now, issue 11, October 2007 (ISSN 1742-5166).

Slideshow: Charlie Woolley - Citadel I: Front Room / Killing Room

Citadel I also included works by Gavin Turk, Donald Judd, Marcel Dzama, David Blandy, James Castle and James Hyde among others.

Citadel I selected press cuttings

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