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Camilla Wilson
Les Merveilles du Monde


Musee des Beaux Arts

June 26 - October 16, 2005

work: one piece

Les Merveilles du Monde invitation

In this group show I exhibited a painting, one of a series featuring mirrors and mirror imagery. The work takes on the conundrum between the represented space within a mirror, and its surface. Within the principle mirror shown are represented a number of double reflections and indices of presence absent, such as shadows, which provide the key to the image’s origin.

These works were continued in the series exhibited in Jerwood Contemporary Painters. In common with my other outputs, they have a strong relationship to the documentary through the use of the photographic set-up as source, and involve further enquiries into the nature of the image as both found and constructed, as illusive and self reflexive. More widely the work alludes to Modernism’s presentation of the flatness of the canvas as surface, via the physical nature of a mirror, but undermines it, through the endless relay of reflections and deferrals. Foucault’s Las Meninas has been a catalyst in this work, with its observations on the nature of representation.

To produce the painting I staged a photo shoot involving the use of remote flash lights in a dark room. I placed the lights and camera in various relative positions, between two mirrors in a dark room, in order, on the one hand, to illuminate the space the mirror contained, on the other, to bounce light off the mirrors’ surfaces to deny access to the space represented. The images, as they were taken in the dark, were random and unpredictable. The resulting images, once selected, were translated and manipulated through painting.

Les Merveilles du Monde press release

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