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Mick Williamson
Paul Trevor Eastender Archive - London Metropolitan University Collection

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November 27, 2007

size: 5.142GB
co-authors: Dipti Bhagat, Jenny Harding, Susan Andrews

All images by Paul Trevor

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The Paul Trevor Eastender Archive Project is a collaborative work in progress. Staff at London Metropolitan University are working with photographer Paul Trevor to edit his archive of 120,000 images of the Brick Lane area in East London, taken over three decades.

The project aims to produce an online digital archive of 220 images representing the lives of local East End communities in their distinctive social, economic and political contexts, during a period of rapid social and physical change (1970's to 1990's). This will be complemented with oral testimony and images and stories made accessible to local communities, students and academics.

The project team is necessarily engaged with a number of interesting questions. What are the aesthetic, historical, and social dimensions of creating a photographic archive and how might these be related? Which factors contribute to the construction of a photographic archive as a relevant resource for public history and/or academic inquiry? How can aesthetic and social/political discourses work together to achieve this end?

So far, the project has progressed through three stages. The first involved a pilot study, in which Paul Trevor selected 20-30 key images for the project team to view and, on this basis, discuss a framework for selecting images and organising the archive.

In the second stage, Paul Trevor examined his entire archive on contact sheets and excluded multiple and/or technically poor images and images that had appeared in other collections or publications. He produced low-resolution scans captured from contact sheets of 5,000 images, grouped in folders according to specific locations, themes and events.

Thirdly from a selection of 1200 images we then worked closely with Paul Trevor to make a final selection of 220, which form the London Metropolitan University Collection as part of the overall archive.

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