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RAE 2008

film and television: representation, history and practice

The disciplinary interests of the Film and Television: Representation, History and Practice Research Group are wide: film theory; the theory of practice; cultural studies and critical theory as they pertain to film and television; design; audience studies; and televisual and cinematic representation, both historical and contemporary.

The group promotes research by sharing the diverse specialisms of members and by supporting the production of papers, articles, books, exhibitions, theory-centred projects and installations. It disseminates research through publication, nationally and internationally, and provides a research context for MPhil and PhD students.

The group does not explore pure practice, which is the province of the Film and Broadcast Production Research Group, which promotes practice-based research, or that which fuses theory and practice. (Several members are common to both groups.) It has regular meetings at which research papers by members or invited external speakers are presented and discussed. Presentations have included:

Bill Osgerby, ' Thunderbirds are go!: Gerry Anderson, Supermarionation and the "White Heat" of sixties modernity'

Nick Haeffner, 'Spitting images: cinematic opposition to Thatcherism'

Milly Williamson, ' Re-reading the Vampire'

Ken MacKinnon, 'The Hollywood Love Story and Male Spectatorship'

Anthony McNicholas (University of Westminster; BBC), 'Industrial Relations at the BBC'

Jane Barnwell, 'London at Home' (aspects of her film design research)

Autumn seminar...

Wednesday 29th November, Seminar Room, Room 310, 3rd Floor of the ILRC (Library), 41 Commercial Rd, E1.
5- 5.40. Lyn Thomas, "Quality reality:" Researching religious reality television and its audiences. (20 mins followed by Q&A)
5.40-6.20. James Bennett, ''Spectacle to domestication: The discursive formation of interactive television in Britain'' (20 minutes followed by Q&A).

Co-convenors: Shehina Fazal & Campbell Graham

Shehina Fazal. Tel: Tel: +44 (0)20 7133 5109

Campbell Graham. Tel: +44 (0)20 7320 1919

Holly Aylett
Jon Baldwin
Jane Barnwell
Bruce Carson
Mike Chopra-Gant
Paul Cobley
Jeremy Collins
Tony Cryer
Mo Dodson
Shehina Fazal
Anna Gough-Yates
Campbell Graham
Nick Haeffner
Gholam Khiabany
Chris Lane
Bill Osgerby
John Sedgewick
Karen Smith
Lyn Thomas
Guy Westwell
Mick Williamson


London Metropolitan University