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RAE 2008

contemporary comparative euro-asian studies
The Contemporary Comparative Euro-Asian Studies Research Group asserts that the rapid rise of East and South-East Asia and the Indian subcontinent as major economic and cultural forces is significant; and that their roles as major sociocultural power-bases of the twenty-first century, and as importers and exporters of values, ideas, artefacts and expertise, will increase. On this basis, the group studies and assesses the contemporary sociocultural output of the region in relation to parallel ideas and output in the West, particularly in Western Europe.

Encompassing a wide range of practice underpinned by theory, the Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media and Design is well placed to undertake scholarly enquiry in this sphere. The group draws on expertise in the fine, applied and time-based arts, which find common ground for research in aspects of East-Asian thought and production in relation to Western and European counterparts.

Areas of research include contemporary cinema in Taiwan and Korea; fine art practice and the role of the state in China; Zen and Japanese aesthetics; the fostering of cultural output in the city state of Singapore; and the traditional and contemporary in the rapidly developing market economy of India.

Convenor: Brian Falconbridge

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7320 2808
Email: b.falconbridge@londonmet.ac.uk

Susan Andrews
Tomoko Azumi (Research Fellow: Design and Production)
Jon Baldwin
Helen Carnac
Mike King
Mark Lewis
Andrea Musk
Gill Newton
Ian Robertson
Karen Smith
David Skingle
Mick Williamson

Associate Members:
Sung-hee Ahn (Kyung Won University, Seoul, Korea)
Andrew Pok (Research Student)
Jose Antonio Martin Salinas (Research Student)


London Metropolitan University