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David Wilkinson


Trunk Show
The Women's Library

June 2 - August 27, 2005

work: one piece - Untitled


Trunk Show originated in New York and travelled via Co. Cork, Ireland to the Women's Library, London, with a cumulative roster of over 100 artists. The show required participating artists to produce a portable artwork, with the curators inviting artists to explore themes of portability, mapping, miniaturisation, travel and displacement.

The work made for this exhibition continued my own exploration of the stereo photograph (see The Illusion of Depth) using a pair of stereoscopic aerial photographs of the area around Westminster, produced for the purpose of mapmaking, probably during the 1960's.

The work was presented as a box set that included the optical device needed to view the image. This arrangement made an easily transportable item for inclusion in the trunk format stipulated by the curators.

The viewer’s experience of the work produced an image of the centre of London exaggerated by the phenomenon of hyperstereo, in which the heights of the buildings in the photograph appear far greater than their actual physical height. Of course this effect was intended by the producers of the photographs as a scientific aid to mapmaking and as such has no legitimate place in the public domain: it is the privilege of specialist technicians, which for me provided much of the motivation for making the work.

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