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Alexander Wendt

Digital or visual media

December 3, 2005

sound design for the film Seize
co-authors: Gianluca Bonomo, Matt Roesner

Seize, an experimental short film produced by the award-winning film maker Gianluca Bonomo, is set against an icy backdrop, a deserted landscape, that is a natural habitat for micro-organism and mystical creatures. Bonomo is paying tribute to the great Ingmar Bergman in this piece of contemporary dance and sound design.

The soundtrack of Seize consists of shards of sonic arts by Alexander Wendt and his musical FTP-collaborator Matt Rösner. Wendt has composed two sound designs for films by Gianluca Bonomo: Seize and Settlement 04. The films have been running on festivals in the UK and abroad.

Further, an interview about Wendt's film-sound design work and collaboration with Matt Rösner was video-recorded and projected as part of a Bonomo showcase at the Contemporary Dance Festival in Bologna, 2007 and at Art Basel, 2006.

Please also refer to hardcopy items for this output.

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