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Alexander Wendt
L.A. Arcades & Liverpool Circles


Travelling Without Moving
Journal of The Architectural Association School Of Architecture
February, 2006
ISBN: 1902902491 / ISSN: 0261-6823

co-authors: The general public of Los Angeles and Liverpool

Travelling Without Moving is a radio edition of the Architectural Associations School of Architecture's AA radio explored field recordings, featuring site-specific sound design and location characteristics - architecture in sonic terrain. It featured the two pieces L.A. Arcades and Liverpool Circles by Alexander Wendt alongside works of Marc Behrens, Kallabris and the Moscow Sonic City Guide.

Initially created separately, both tracks appeared in juxtaposition on a CD that accompanied the AAfiles53 Journal.

A telephone conversation with Alexander Wendt was then broadcast and published alongside it, in which their hidden wiring was disclosed.

Further field recordings of mine have been published/broadcast or distributed by Touch Radio as part of their Summer Dawn Chorus collection, by ResonanceFM, by Last.FM, and the Fabulat online project in Norway. Currently I am assembling an album called Studio Recordings, which will present a collection of field recordings that I made from my studio in Greenwich. One of these recordings was previously featured alongside tracks by akira kosemura, christophe bailleau, yannick daubyon and others on the compilation Classifield , a net-release curated by jean-fran├žois flamey and the Belgium Cartepostal imprint.

Please also refer to hardcopy items for this output.

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