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Alexander Wendt
108 Pieces Demolition


Site Art Gallery

June 12 - 13, 2007

interactive multi-channel sound installation

108 Pieces Demolition flyer

108 Pieces Demolition, an interactive sound installation for audience and performer, consisted of a multi-channel sound installation and a miniature building-site - an interdisciplinary playground, producing a multi-layered experience.

108 Pieces connects such ideas as John Cage’s 4’ 33’’, with concepts of random composition. It takes randomly created sounds as source material for further modification and recombination, to become a composition - music of chance going through processes commonly used in the electro-acoustic genre - a tamed and treated randomness. The installation provides space for performers and audience alike: space to play, to explore sonically as well as physically, and actively shape the outcome and compose a piece of art as it appears before one’s own ears and eyes. It stimulates a learning curve, how to interact.

Landscapes, buildings and sculptures are erected by the participants from 108 wooden blocks and fine sand; a sonic architecture is created from the sounds of this building process, which the performer selectively processes and projects via loudspeakers onto the sculptures, its originating cause and source. These may eventually collapse due to intense vibrations caused by sound pressure and resonances. The tamed composition consists of the sounds of hands, sand, blocks and tabletop, and of fractions of the participants’ conversations - small talk, similar to conversations on a real construction site.

(image by Markus Soukup)

Slideshow: Alexander Wendt - 108 Pieces Demolition

108 Pieces was designed as part of the DEMOLITION exhibition, at the Site Art Gallery, Albert Docks, Liverpool, which housed multidisciplinary artworks designed to be damaged in the course of display. My intention was not to engage in violent destruction; rather the opposite: to engage the audience with individuality and construction; inhabitants have encountered demolished benches, public telephones, etc. often enough.

108 Pieces Demolition catalogue

108 Pieces Demolition handout

We continue to develop and expand the scope and range of our project (through invitations to work in specific places, or with specific ideas or people), or through our own direction. Increasingly we are also taking aspects or documentation of the project into a gallery context, by which we seek to locate ourselves within a peer group of emerging artists.

With the help of the PRS Foundation I am now looking into turning the concept into a live performance piece of a grander scale.

Please also refer to hardcopy items for this output.

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