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William Warren
Home lockers


the Sorrell Foundation

February 21, 2005

The JoinedUpDesignForSchools project enabled the development of previous commission-based design methodologies which included the optimization of existing manufacturing processes for product design. This project was an invited commission by the Sorrell Foundation to design educational furniture in collaboration with the users, children, for public sector agencies.

William Warren worked with children at Brecknock primary school in Camden to address the current state of the corridors (strewn coats and bags) and limited storage space in classrooms. The result is a locker that can be attached to walls or to other lockers, hung under desks or shelves or sat on as classroom seating.

The project proved particularly successful as early in the process the designer teamed up with established locker manufacturer Helmsman and was able to offer the school affordable lockers.

Every locker within the school is individual and each resembles a front door that can be further personalised by the user. The aim was to produce feelings of pride and ownership among pupils and to encourage mutual respect.

The design, which is still in production, was shown as part of the exhibition JoinedUpDesignForSchools at the V&A Museum, February 21 - March 31, 2005 and featured in John and Frances Sorrell's accompanying book of the same name (ISBN 1858943086).

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