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William Warren
Perverting Manufacture


Trico Open

October 10, 2001

A range of furniture and products comprising of crockery, blown glass, a dining chair, and clothing for Japanese manufacturer and distributor, Trico.

Perverting Manufacture was first launched in 2001 as part of Tokyo Designer's Block at Trico Open, Tokyo. In 2007 the range was presented in Lovable, alternative folk design, a solo show at Information Canalside Gallery, Tokyo and at By Trico, Fukuoka.

Lovable flyer

The aim of the range was to develop designs for new objects that require little or no tooling, but instead rely on a "tweak" to the manufacturing process. The benefit of such an approach is to give objects an uncanny familiarity and a narrative, for example the Chinese whispers crockery: standard white ceramic plates, cups and saucers were given standard willow pattern transfers in the wrong order. Cup gets saucer transfer ect. The result is contemporary, easy to produce and adds to the long running east to west story of ceramic blue and white goods.

Another example is the wine glass, blown to a standard form by the usual craftsmen but perverted by plying them with wine. The result is unsymmetrical glasses with the personality of drinking and the added joy of the tale to explain.

Slideshow: William Warren - Perverting Manufacture

The range furthers my general body of work, which tries to forge lifelong relationships between object and user.

Perverting Manufacture - selected press cuttings

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