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Simone ten Hompel


Detail Zwo Gallery
Dusseldorf, Germany

September 20 - October 25, 2003

solo exhibition: 14 pieces

The work in this exhibition deals with the perception of "sweetness" expressed through metal. By "sweetness" I don't mean sugar content, but something more akin to "deliciousness" or "scrumptiousness". How can something such as metal, that is realistically or substantially perceived as cold, give the information of sweetness?


In this exhibition, "sweet" elements such as a silver spiral, or a blue semi-precious stone are placed within the context of a silver or a steel bowl. The form of the spiral and the form of the stone invite people to speculate about what they themselves might want to put in the bowl. These are not dishes suited to hold something ordinary, like potatoes - they are designed as if to hold something "sweet" and special - pralines, perhaps, or chocolates. The viewer is lead on to consider the "flavour" of the contained elements, the silver spiral or the semi-precious stone: sweetness.

An element of imperfection is left within the pieces. These imperfections are a kind of metaphor for humanity and the way in which I identify myself as the desirer for all that is "greener and on the other side of a fence". The imperfections distinguish one from an other, or make a work unique.

The work creates a juxtaposition of opposites - the physical coldness and hardness of the metal against ideas of soft, melt-in-the-mouth sweetness. This juxtaposition of opposites is a theme which runs throughout my work, for example, A Flickering Star and in the Far Distance a Barking Dog in my second outcome: The Jerwood Applied Arts Prize and the rural versus urban theme in my first outcome: Urban Field.

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