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Simone ten Hompel
urban FIELD


Crafts Study Centre
Farnham, Surrey

April 10 - June 2, 2007

work: four pieces

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urban FIELD began in the Spring of 2007 as a series of exhibitions and events as part of a major collaborative effort between three of Britain’s leading craft organisations: Crafts Study Centre (Museum of Modern Crafts), Contemporary Applied Arts (CAA) and The Devon Guild of Craftsmen.

Funded by Arts Council England, urban FIELD explores the relationship between the urban and rural divide for makers and their work. Innovative new work by some of the country’s most individualistic designer-makers featured at the three venues between April and June 2007.

The exhibitions deliberately upset the norm: willow artists showed their work in the thoroughly metropolitan surroundings of CAA; a mix of London-based and South West makers presented glass, metalwork and textiles in the Crafts Study Centre’s first group show; The Devon Guild brought sophisticated urban interior design to the fringe of Dartmoor.

A geographical route is implied in this partnership, from the centre of London, through the market town of Farnham, ending in the rural tranquillity of Bovey Tracey. The key outcomes of this collaboration were three exhibitions exploring the rural urban theme, asking whether it’s a divide or a bridge for today’s craft makers.

Slideshow: Simone ten Hompel - Urban Field

The theme of taking a craft outside of its usual context, in this case the rural/urban context, links this outcome to my third outcome: A Field of Silver.

The pieces I exhibited for urban FIELD, like much of my work, explored the process of negotiation between head, hands and metal, necessary to arrive at the final piece. The rural setting emphasised my concerns with the materiality of silver - its specific qualities as a medium, such as reflectivity and malleability, rather than its connotations as a precious metal within an urban marketplace.

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