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Paul St George


Gunpowder Park

April 14 - October 31, 2003
and continuing online

multimedia software project

Lee Valley Regional Park Authority commissioned this work to make interpretation of the Gunpowder Park site available to more people at more times in more ways.


Metropolitan, issue 14, February 2004
Landscape & Art Journal, no. 30, winter 2003/04

Gunpowder Park has historical and ecological value, but is restricted for reasons of safety, knowledge and access. The solution was to use hidden cameras in various parts of the site and to control the recording using a variety of innovative triggers. The output is a number of image streams of the site triggered by events such as weather, animal movements and time. The viewer can change the flow of these image streams. These user-changeable streams are presented to the viewer in the context of a map that also gives information about location and context. The application was made available on site during the exhibition and since through a dedicated website.

During the project I worked with a sound artist - David Chapman from University of East London, local residents, interest groups and Park rangers. For this project I invented and developed a digital recording device that was triggered by a range of sensors such as rain, movement and sound and that then recorded a time-lapse sequence of images. The research and the inventions that were developed for the project extended my research into chronophotography and into the relationship among recorded images and the presentation of those images.

The research and the output were spread, nationally and internationally, through the Landscape & Arts Network journal and conferences. The project has helped to formulate a new approach to making landscape art more accessible. For example, this was the inaugural project at Gunpowder Park and has been successfully used as a template for subsequent projects.

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