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Susan Skingle
Collective Response


The Guildhall Art Gallery

October 8 - November 11, 2007

work: eight pieces

Documentation on the City of London website

This exhibition shows the outcome of a dialogue between contemporary London artists and an historical collection. The Guildhall Art Gallery continues a novel path in supporting a project to provide a different experience from that expected by most visitors to the gallery. It is part of a deliberate shift for the London Group towards more innovative contemporary art practice.

The proposition is that an examination of the Guildhall Art Collection over a period of eighteen months will afford insights for the creation of new artworks which comment on the originals. London Group artists were selected from a membership of 82 by the curators. The artists worked together to discuss ideas, curatorial notions and to view work in progress.

Questions addressed include: How might I examine the works in an historical collection and reform the elements into new works? What can be discovered in the solutions the original artists found to represent the opulent surfaces of the past? Ornate frames and marble convey prosperity and permanence; can ephemeral or commonplace materials be employed, yet still communicate the qualities of the original works? What are the meanings associated with the materials I choose to use and how can these connotations be related to the sources?

The evolution of ideas through process and the rationale for selection of materials was recorded in sketchbooks and photographs.

Slideshow: Susan Skingle - Collective Response

The exhibition is funded by the Guildhall Art Gallery and the London Group. The Gallery is open to the public seven days a week. The exhibition took place during the Big Draw event and a series of tie-in workshops were held at a local community centre.

Guildhall organised an opening reception, publicised the exhibition and hosted a series of artists’ talks. There was also a press launch event.

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