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Anne Robinson
Time Flesh & Nerve


Lounge Gallery

July 2, 2006

event curation and one piece in exhibition


I was the curator of this project, and also showed a new video work, Slice Through The Night, using live mixing technology associated with music visuals in a contemporary art context.

This video work was mixed live using a specially devised music score by composer Donald Bousted. The piece shown at this event is now part of an installation work in progress and the event itself has helped the work to evolve.

Slideshow: Anne Robinson - Slice Through the Night

The event attracted an audience of 100 people and provided an opportunity for relevant work from different phases of artists' film, video and performance practice to be experienced together in a gallery context. As curator, I invited contributions from artists which related to my research on time, works of art, moving image languages and the "instant".

Artists included academic colleagues from London Metropolitan University and elsewhere. Based on feedback via the web, the work has contributed to the practice of artists involved and artists and filmmakers attending.

Slideshow: Anne Robinson - Time, Flesh and Nerve

The host gallery, which is centrally situated in the contemporary art and film workshop sectors, has national publicity and is well attended. This event immediately followed a series of collaborations with major artists' film & video organisation Lux, and this was an important event for the university's profile in the context of east London's vibrant moving image culture.

The programme included works by internationally recognised artists such as William Raban, and Anna Thew, along with active researchers in contemporary art practice such as Laura Malacart and Max Mason and artists working in disciplines related to the moving image including performance, soundscape and live vision mixing, creating an opportunity for this work to be seen in a shared context.

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