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Anne Robinson
Slivers of Crystal: Living in the Oscillation

Conference Contribution

CongressCATH 2006
The Afterlife of Memory: Memoria/Historia/Amnesia
University of Leeds

July 5, 2006

paper: Slivers of Crystal: Living in the Oscillation

I was invited to present a paper at Memoria/Historia/Amnesia on my practice-led research into the elasticity of time, painting, memory and the digital frame. This focused on my two screen video installation work in progress, Hold, and was a valuable opportunity to place this work in an academic research context.

This international transdisciplinary conference was organised as one in a series by art historian Griselda Pollok, at Centre CATH, an AHRB funded initiative, bringing together work in: art practice; diverse models of theories and histories of art; cultural studies; feminist studies in the visual arts; Jewish studies; architecture, museum studies and material culture:

"..mutually challenging research projects that realign philosophy, the arts, history, cultural anthropology, psychoanalysis and aesthetics."
(University of Leeds, Centre CATH website)

The conference invited critical and analytical reflection on the field of "memory studies". Thematic concerns included Migratory/Migrating Histories/Memories and Post-Trauma/Post-Memory: History, Representation, Affect.

The event also covered areas such as current violence and trauma, and the reverberations of past trauma through modernity as well as considering the archive as practice and metaphor, and seeking to:

".. reflect, re-evaluate and study the dialectics of remembrance and amnesia, the memory of oblivion, and the interface of the challenged issues of historical research and the cultural practices that have taken on the functions of both commemoration and interpretation in charged, disputed and decisively post-traumatic conditions."
(University of Leeds, Centre CATH website)

The event attracted historians, artists, cultural theorists, analysts, philosophers, architects, art historians, film makers, and writers of international standing, including plenary speakers Zygmunt Bauman (University of Leeds), and Peggy Phelan (Stamford).

read the full paper:

Slivers of Crystal: Living in the Oscillation

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