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Anne Robinson
Slip Frame


APT Gallery

June 21 - July 1, 2007

solo show with discussion and screening event


This exhibition of moving image works and paintings, which was attended by 200 people, was part of a body of practice-based research on the experience of the elasticity of time in relation to painting and the various apparatuses of the moving image.

There were three works in the gallery space:
Hold, a two-screen video installation which, according to Dr Judith Tucker, deals with "the relationships between several apparent binaries; these include that which is still and that which is moving, that which is exterior and that which is interior, that which is directly experienced and that which is vicarious, that which was then and that which is now.."
An Occulting Light, a series of seven image sequences on two screens and has developed out of experimentation with the "affect" of re-filming.
Still Moving, 14 paintings (8" x 10", oil on canvas) which take as their starting point re-worked film frames.

Slideshow: Anne Robinson - Slip Frame

A screening and discussion event was held on June 29. All of the invited artists (Karen Mirza, Brad Butler, Lily Markiewicz, Ken Wilder, Judith Tucker) have been doing research on the nature of the digital freeze frame, the film frame and the relationship between moving images and the affect of works of art, particularly in The Moving Frame group at the Royal College, and Angles of Projection at Chelsea, University of the Arts. The event was chaired by Yossi Balanescu-Bal of London Metropolitan University, and was attended by 60 people.

Slip Frame Discussion and Screening event flyer

A catalogue was produced for the show (ISBN: 978-0-9555666-0-8) with a main essay by Dr Judith Tucker of the Fine Art Dept., University of Leeds.

Slip Frame Catalogue

Documentation on the APT website

Please also refer to hardcopy items for this output.

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