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Linden Reilly
New Knowledge in the Creative Disciplines - proceedings of the first Experiential Knowledge conference, 2007

Journal article

Journal of Visual Arts Practice
vol. 6(2)
September 2007
ISSN: 14702029
DOI: 10.1386/jvap.6.2.81/2

pp. 81-87
co-author: Kristina Niedderer
published proceedings, conference organisation, exhibition curation

This article presents the proceedings of the Experiential Knowledge Conference 2007 organised by Linden Reilly, Kristina Niedderer, Chris Smith, and Rob Goodman: an international conference concerned with the nature and role of experiential knowledge in creative and practice-led disciplines, and its significance for the emergence of new knowledge and understanding in both research and practice.

Reilly’s research contribution included:

a) exploration and explication of the concepts of "knowledge" and "knowing" in arts research from "natural" and "pragmatist" perspectives
b) exploration of the role of media in the representation of "meaning" and "knowing" developed through the Descriptions exhibition

Reilly invited the philosopher Mark Johnson to give the conference keynote lecture and explored with him the implications of his version of pragmatism for research in art and design: how "knowledge" and "understanding", "knowing" and "research" might be defined in art and design. I outlined these discussions in the journal article.

Reilly, Niedderer, and Smith made the selection of papers on the basis of referees' comments and other factors and were responsible for the academic content of the conference, journal, and exhibition (with Goodman’s contribution). The aim of the exhibition (Descriptions) was to enable contributions to be made to the conference through arts practices (not just conference papers) and, specifically to explore the role of media in description, the presentation of ideas in material form. Practitioners were asked to present their ideas in more than one medium so that the role and relation of medium to idea could be compared.

Experiential Knowledge Conference 2007
University of Hertfordshire
June 29, 2007


Art & Design Gallery
University of Hertfordshire
June 25 - July 7, 2007
Presenting work by: Chris Jennings; Sophia Lycouris; Mah Rana; Michael Marriott; Joanne Thomas.


read the full paper:

New Knowledge in the Creative Disciplines - proceedings of the first Experiential Knowledge conference, 2007

Please also refer to hardcopy item for this output.

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