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communications and media


Yossi Balanescu-Bal
Film-making practice exploring stylistic innovation in ethnographic and arts documentaries; developments in narrative film language; experimental cinema; the cross-cultural interface between moving image and live performance, bridging film, music, dance and theatre.

Email: y.balanescu-bal@londonmet.ac.uk

Jon Baldwin
The political and ethical effects of exchange in culture; the gift and the commodity; the philosophy and ethics of communications and cultural studies; science fiction cinema; continental philosophy; subjectivity.

Email: j.baldwin@londonmet.ac.uk

Jane Barnwell
Film design as an expression of "home"; the historical contribution of the designer in film and television; experimental theatre.


Dr Jeremy Collins
News, news management and the sociology of journalism; media ethics; science and risk communication; theories of popular culture.

Email: j.collins@londonmet.ac.uk

Dr Jane Ehrlich
Contemporary topics in feature and news journalism, including medicine, health and travel; issues in modern American art 1945-1975; Giotto and Cimabue.

Email: j.ehrlich@londonmet.ac.uk

Campbell Graham
Short and feature films for cinema and television; comic and absurdist narrative; experimental physical and musical theatre; contemporary alternative screenwriting;

Email: c.graham@londonmet.ac.uk

Dr Nicholas Haeffner
Alfred Hitchcock; American film and cultural history; contemporary British cinema; abstract photography (practice); genre and photography; theories of realism; aesthetic theory (continental and analytical); class cultures; the theory-practice relationship; cultural theory and pedagogy.

Email: n.haeffner@londonmet.ac.uk

Peter Hewitt
Scriptwriting, filmmaking; in particular editing & its relationship to storytelling and music composition/recording. Currently producing short projects using digital animation.

Email: p.hewitt@londonmet.ac.uk

Elaine Pierson
Ethics of editing; documentary film making (history and practice); the rise of the mainstream documentary film; analysis of newsgathering and news production techniques.

Email: e.pierson@londonmet.ac.uk

Anne Robinson
My area of special interest is artists’ film, video & new media practice, looking in particular at artists’ experiments with time and duration in moving image work.
My work as a visual artist, working with video, film, digital media and painting has been concerned with the freeze frame: making paintings and prints from freeze frames and re-filmed video, and making video installation work. The different strands of my practice enrich one other, and are informed by theoretical research, and I am currently undertaking a practiced based doctorate which deals with ideas about time, painting, and moving image languages, in particular exploring the space between digital frames.

Email: anne.robinson@londonmet.ac.uk

Mick Williamson
Black and white photography as a vehicle for images of the quotidian and transient including ritual within the every day and celebration of the absurd; use of light, shade and shadow; implication of human presence; memory and palimpsest of action and place.

Email: mick.williamson@londonmet.ac.uk

Charlotte Worthington
Script writing; filmmaking including short films; Big City Film Festival as a vehicle for film dissemination; Gender /Age as a thematic, including men in crisis.

Email: c.worthington@londonmet.ac.uk

London Metropolitan University