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RAE 2008

Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media and Design

Sneak Preview

A sneak preview of a handful of the 800 students and their work showing at this year’s Summer Show.

Dark Foundations, Bright Futures

Among the hundreds of exhibits by Foundation Diploma students, some of the darker ideas stand out on first impression. A butcher’s shop where pigs sell human meat, a plug-in severed hand, a trio of babies encased in a wall- suggesting the influence of sensational brit-art still holds.

Butchered hand

However there is a great variety of work in many media. Juliet Sitaram has used digital manipulation processes to explore ideas of change, blending photographs of Californian landscape with local photo-shoot to produce bright montages.

Chisa Kono, a Japanese student, has explored organic shapes and folding structures to produce interior concepts. Chisa will be staying at the department to study a BA in Interior Design and Technology.


Table’s tops

John Scriven, a level 3 cabinet making student has designed and is making an ‘s’ shaped coffee table fashioned from Moroccan walnut. The table is based on a brief from his friend.
" The project has been challenging. I designed the table using Autocad and created quite an elaborate shape which was easier to draw than make."
John of Bermondsey, who was in the IT business before taking the course with a view to changing his career, is setting up a company with two other members of his course. They have already secured premises for their workshop, near Tower Bridge.

John Scriven and table

A Grand Don’t Come For Free

A group of Music Technology-Musical Instruments students have built one of the first Grand Pianos to be created in the United Kingdom for 25 years. The four have worked as a team over several years to create the dampening, action and keys for the iconic instrument. With 14,000 pieces to put together with extreme accuracy, it has required a high level of concentration and expertise. Maria Kent, a BA Music Technology Musical Instruments Student, said
" This has really helped prepare me for my career as a Piano Tuner and technician. There could be no better way to get a thorough understanding of how a Grand Piano works than to build and tune your own. The tuning has been the toughest part."
However course tutor John Paul Williams is keen to emphasise that the department isn’t likely to go into full-scale production.
" The team have done an excellent job and faced the challenge well. But the cost of production is prohibitive so they are no longer built here, which makes the student’s achievement all the more impressive."


A Night on the Textiles

Fatemeh Safaii, a BA Textiles student from Iran, has produced lights and jewellery inspired by nature. This isn’t simply a question of the wonderful organic shapes exhibited - the materials she has selected to create her work are also sustainable or recycled. Fatemeh explains, " I have used copper and linen - the copper is from recycling bins - pieces that other artists have discarded. And the lights themselves are designed to have fifty years life."

Rebecca Jiggles, 22, has been inspired by popular images of celebrity and fashion and ‘the public eye’ to create a vibrant collection of work. She used digital printing onto Cotton Satine.
"This allowed me to push the boundaries in terms of colour and design - I’ve done things that are impossible to do using more traditional methods."
Rebecca splits her time between London and Bedford. She previously studied a HND at Bedford College. London Met wasn’t my first choice - but when I came to my interview at the Sir John Cass department I loved the place - I was inspired to change my mind!"
Grace Boyle has created a set of table linen and crockery called 'Complete Fusion.' The work was inspired by the fusion between Jamaican and British Culture. Grace moved to England as a child and sees the work as influenced by the experience of two cultures. In the designs, traditional English fruit such as Apples sit net to more tropical bananas and pineapples. The napkins are designed in the style of an opened up tea packet, but the words offer guidance on a ‘fused’ experience.  grace


Simon Kingston, MA Design Research for Disability has designed a powered scooter that could change the way we think about local travel. He says,
"Powered scooters are currently aimed at the elderly or people with poor mobility. This scooter is aimed at a more inclusive market, and could be used as an alternative to unnecessary short car journeys for example, in built up congested areas."
The design includes luggage compartments at the front and a detachable travel case attached to the seat will be included to supply the user with optimum carriage and storage facilities. This work was created on a unique course where medical professionals and artists train together to create inclusive designs.


London Metropolitan University